So, I tell myself to blog more, however I keep losing momentum. I have a few obstacles in the way, the first being that I tend to blog during lunch and it is nearly impossible to predict whether I’ll have time to finish a thought. However, I really shouldn’t let that stop me since blogs often end abruptly. My second hurdle is not knowing if anyone reads what I write. This fear has been disproven as well (hi Jason). Perhaps it is the medium that gives me pause. Sometimes the process of writing is self-fulfilling, but with blogging, I don’t get the same satisfaction I would out of a creative or comedic piece. The internal monologue style lacks a certain luster for both the reader and writer. Thus, my blogs can feel like an extended mumbling session where I’m the only person who knows what’s happening, which is creepy. Hence, there can be only one conclusion: I blog when I have something to blog about. And given what I’ve written so far, it should be clear what that is. The end.