There was a time when I used to think I had a knack with machines, electronic or mechanical. Often, my mere presence was enough to cause a previously finicky copier or VCR to spring to life and whistle merrily about its normal routine.

Other times, I would pop its casing open and just follow my nose until I’d done something, then close ‘er back up and everything would be fine.

I’ve recently revised that theory regarding computers. In the past 9 months, I’ve ruined two whole systems to the point where new machines needed to be purchased, destroyed one hard drive, and rendered another system so ill that it cannot function for longer than two hours without shutting down.

I was finally able to get my own system back up and running a couple days ago (hence the new comic), but I’ve left quite a swath of destruction behind me. In the end, it was accomplished through a combination of assumptions, mad scrambling, Judeo-pagan rituals, jazz dance, and human sacrifices.

So, what do people think of the new site layout?

Being a general hermit has removed me somewhat from the opinions of my peers, but I am curious. Is the site easily navigable? Are there confusing directories or dead-ends? Lay it on me, folks, I’m not faint of spirit.

Let us know as King Sheep and I continue to come up with ways to dazzle and astonish you.