If evil winking hoods are your thing, give yourself a high five.  If they frighten you, make it a Fast Five (Rotten TomatoesMetacritic).

“Tough on nuance, tough on the causes of nuance, this episode has the highest velocity and lowest IQ yet. See it on the biggest, loudest, dumbest screen you can find.” Nick De Semlyen Empire Magazine

I can find a loud dumb crowd to watch the movie with, so long as the real purpose isn’t to drown out bad dialogue with chatter from strangers.

“Well, it’s a more fun trip to Rio than Rio. As the reckless flailing of a lot of meatheads, Fast Five is essentially a food fight with sloppy Joes.” Matt PaisRedEye

Prepare to meat your maker

“Manages to be more fun than any movie with its outrageous carbon footprint has any right to be.” Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel

I lack the blind environmental rage needed to care about the carbon footprint of fictional events.

“These movies are sheer silliness, improbable roadway mayhem interspersed with obligatory fistfights and gunplay, all coated with a noxious layer of adolescent macho posturing.” Christopher Lloyd Sarasota Herald-Tribune

1-2-3-4 I declare a thumb war peace agreement

“High-octane trash, but you will go ‘Ohhhhhh!’” Entertainment Weekly Owen Gleiberman

I need that sound effect translated.  Is that a surprised ‘Oh’ (goo minus the G) or “Ohhh” (excited pleasure)?

“Fast & Furious 5 can be defined as “good” if you look at it purely from a guilty pleasure level.” Simon Reynolds Digital Spy

Five out of five stars on the ‘I expected crap’ scale. If you feel deceived by an inaccurate rating, you were Hoodwinked too! (Rotten TomatoesMetacritic).

“Less a movie than a ill-advised lab experiment in which classic children’s stories are injected with Bond-movie stylings, inane wisecracks and martial-arts mayhem, this manic misfire takes storybook revisionism to ever more irritating ends.” Variety Justin Chang

Bond movies and fairy tales have plenty in common.  After all, Goldfinger = Rumpelstiltskin, The Gingerbread Man = For Your Eyes Only, and Sleeping Beauty = You Only Live Twice.  Plus, if AC/DC played Cinderella’s ball, it’d be a Thunderball.

“Yes, it’s in 3D and no, it’s not remotely as good as ‘Rio.’” Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel

But my question was about the use of ‘too’ rather than ‘two’ in the title.

“Once upon a time, fairy tales were told with beauty, wit, simplicity and charm, a tradition that seems increasingly a thing of the past in Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil.” Justin Chang Variety

A new tradition?

“The only thing to admire is Anne Hathaway’s decision to skip this cheap-o sequel. Hosting the Oscars offered a narrower risk of embarrassment.” Steve Persall St. Petersburg Times

While the lackluster presentation of awards was embarrassing, it wasn’t any worse than most actor’s shameless attempts to earn them.

“Panettiere’s performance has the straightforwardness of a jumbo crayon.” Boxoffice Magazine Sara Maria Vizcarrondo

King Sheep has the straightforwardness of a crazy straw wrapped around a corkscrew