Hello Gentle Readers,

The following is an except from Slate.com’s article about Senator Larry Craig’s lewd airport bathroom behavior. When I first heard of this event, I figured the Senator was plagiarizing George Michael’s career tailspin and the Senator should find his own way to ruin his life (maybe lewd balloon animals). Anyhow, read and judge for yourself.

Around noon on June 11, Sgt. Dave Karsnia entered a men’s room stall at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and sat on a toilet. That wouldn’t ordinarily be news, but in this instance Karsnia’s presence was not related—or, at least, not primarily related—to the workings of his digestive tract. He was there to investigate complaints about lewd conduct. Within minutes, U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, Republican of Idaho—a state with little tolerance for lascivious conduct—peered into Karsnia’s stall, entered the stall to Karsnia’s left, and placed a roller bag in front. Craig then tapped his right foot and moved it close to Karsnia’s. Karsnia interpreted this as an established signal for sexual solicitation (see police narrative below and on the following page), and replied in kind by raising and lowering his own foot. Craig then extended his fingers into Karsnia’s stall. Karsnia placed his police identification by the floor where Craig could see it and pointed to the exit.

Okay, the senator tried to solicit sex in an airport bathroom. And he did it using a moderately polite form of inquiry. In the end, instead of getting what he wanted, he is publicly embarrassed and his career is over. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in the middle of watching Rome on DVD, but I’m growing weary of our country’s hang ups over sex. Am I wrong to not care that the Senator is bi-sexual? I would certainly agree that his judgment was off in his choice of pick up locations (next time try your local GNC) and I get that enough other people are offended that they won’t vote for him, but I still don’t care. Larry had an itch, but when he tried to scratch it he got handcuffed instead. Larry’s itch is his own business, which means it’s none of mine.