So here we are again. Let me welcome you, the precious few who grace our blog with your eyes, to another Friday.

I’ve been puting (or is it putting, like miniature golf?) off a blog update until I had a comic to accompany it, but the situation has become so dire that I feel I must post regardless. Last weekend, I completed the final illustration in what will come to be known as the Hundred Day Job. It has taken until today to finish the “fixes” requested by the director (Him: “The masts on the boat look crooked.” Me: “That’s because the boat is listing to one side.” Him: “The boat looks straight.” Me: “That’s because the front and back of a Man o’ War are angled.” Him: “The masts still look crooked.”).

Thus, today begins my reign of terror. Er, freedom. Yes, today I strike out as a free man and rediscover what I used to fill my time with besides pictures of pirates. So far, Becky and Final Fantasy XII are doing a pretty good job.

Patrick Rothfuss is continuing to garner both praise and spite (like any upstart bursting onto the scene with as much panache as he has) as well as unbelievable opportunities. I’m sure it won’t be long now before a gilded messenger arrives at my apartment to invite me to a castle-warming party at Rothfuss Keep in Scotland. It’ll be right next-door to Anne McCaffrey’s place, and the only difference will be that all the dragons there will be addicted to narcotic tree sap.

Good gravy, what if the “Kingkiller Chronicle” becomes as big as the Harry Potter Books? I think if that happened, you’d never see Rothfuss without a top hat. He’d have a plethora of them, and they’d be different heights to indicate his mood.

Well, we can all hope, can’t we. Now we just have to make King Sheep Productions a household name, and we’ll be set too. See you Monday.