I think there’s a part of my brain that’s a drunk frat boy.

I was reading last night about an app called Posebook, and I found someone talking about it on the Penny Arcade forums. In the post, the guy mentioned that the app includes tutorials from some incredibly talented artists “like Mike.” Mike being Mike Krahulilk, the artist behind Penny Arcade, and instantly this part of my brain says, “Talented? That hack?”

Wait, I have the utmost respect for Mike and his artwork. He was already talented from the beginning, and not only has he developed into a terrific artist since I first started reading the strip in 2003, but the man makes a really really good living with it. That is my absolute opinion.

So my next thought was from the Brain Bouncer. He was like, “Hey, Frat Boy, don’t start any trouble. This is a nice place, so keep it cool.”

Then Frat Boy’s like, “Screw you, man! Krahulik’s got a boat and a million-dollar playground! He can take a little ribbing.”

“Stop being a jerk. This kind of cognitive dissonance freaks out the boss.” (my bouncer majored in psych)

“I’ll freak out your mom!” (which is as creative as he gets)

Then there was a fight, and my eye started twitching.

So, part of my brain just wants to get in fights. I think it’s the same part that likes girls in short-shorts. It’s the “cave man” or “reptile brain,” that part that never learned to sit up straight or wash its hands after using the bathroom.

Sometimes I think that part should be the subject of therapy or counseling to get it eliminated. Then I think that it’s kind of nice to have that voice of discord on my mental council. It’s boring to be governed solely by harmonious pedants.

It’s like having a dysfunctional adventuring party in my head. There’s the thief who cases every bank I enter (in the event I need to rob it one day), the paladin who gets in the way of bullies at the grocery store, the sage old wizard who controls traffic lights and is the voice of calm rationality, the assassin who has plotted the deaths of hundreds of people, and, of course, the thug who just wants to brawl and go wenching.

I don’t think that’s crazy. I don’t think so.