Paper Girls

READ – Paper Girls (TPB). Imagine if The Goonies, The Monster Squad, and The Explorers weren’t complete sausage fests and all the main characters were bad-ass, trash-talking, 12-year-girls. The story is nimble and wild, bouncing you between great characters and WTF moments that will have you checking the calendar for the next issue when you’re done. If Hollywood ever makes a movie of this story, your head will melt.


WATCH – Ex_Machina. If you’re looking for a tonal comparison, it’s like Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone, but the subject matter is straight out of a crystal ball. We toss around the acronym A.I., but this film explores it on a personal and philosophical level. Watch it with friends and you will spend the rest of your night debating the implications and ideas you see here. Seeing it won’t change your life, but it will be mandatory viewing for everyone once our robot overlords take over. You have been warned.


PLAY – Pairs. Patrick Rothfuss introduced two games (Tak & Pairs) in his books before they were birthed into the real world by James Earnest (not sure if he is the doctor or the mother in this metaphor). Tak is coming soon, but Pairs is already here. It’s the perfect game for quick rounds. I’ve played it with one-year-old babies and it works great in bars since there isn’t a winner, just a loser (next round on you). It’s so deceptively simple and fun (not to mention cheap), it should be a staple in every gaming household. The real question is: what kind of Pairs deck defines you as a person? My pick is above.

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