Website Review: Wikipedia

by Harlow Dingus

What: Go visit this website NOW
Where: Wikipedia
Why: it's the gorram future of the internet. Imagine if you and me wanted to start a resource for people who worked with African Woop-woop bats : their eating habits, how to handle them, whatever. So we write our stuff down in a notebook and anyone can read or borrow it. But, whenever someone learns something new about woop woop bats, they write it down in the notebook. Basically, this notebook is wiki and anyone can write in it and anyone can read it. It's a newsservice with the news provided by people. It's a book with ever evolving chapters. If you click on the link, you'll see it as an encyclopedia, edited and written everyone who's got something to say. Its the future of information. Log on now man. It could be for web geeks only, but if it isn't, it will be the single most important website ever.