Game Review: Kingdom Hearts II

by Nate Taylor

Behold, the first diary-style game review! Or at least, the first one I've done. This will update as needed until the review is sufficient. As a side note, I feel obligated to mention that this review is based on a rented (rather than purchased) version of the game which was obtained for free by direct and under-handed manipulation of Blockbuster's rental system.

Friday, Apr. 14th 5:00pm - Watched the intro video to the game. Wow! It's longer than the first, and more fulfilling, with amazing graphics and motion capture. Alas, I can't play! No time!

Sunday, Apr. 16th 11:16pm - Easter's over, and I finally got a chance to play! All new characters and town (no surprise). I start to wonder who I am and what's going on, but then I remember to relax and let the game take me where it needs to. Ah, Christopher Lee is a voice! I just want to do one more mission before I go to bed. Just one more. Holy @#!%! It's 2 in the morning!

Monday, Apr. 17th 1:20pm - Played on my lunch break today. This game has me by the throat and I don't want it to stop choking me. Okay, that went to a weird place. I was frustrated by how much time I had to spend on the island in the first KH, but I still can't believe how long this "intro" is.

Monday, Apr. 17th 5:08pm - Playing after work while Becky fixed dinner turned out to be not such a great idea. Video games are definitely an "alone time" activity. Remember to buy flowers and apologize. Oo, King Mickey! As the title of the game prominently displays itself on my TV screen I realize that I've spent about 6 hours playing the intro to the game. This will be good.

Tuesday, Apr. 18th 5:34pm - Oh, it's soooooooo good. Not only is my archnemesis, the Gummi Ship, back to lure me into endless hours of fully-customizable ship construction, but the devils at Squaresoft have decided that Sora's very clothing shall be upgradable and customizable. What's that? Dual-wielding? Don't mind if I do! As I head off to the first theme world, I hear the small sound of my social life packing its bags for a long vacation.

Wednesday, Apr. 19th 7:10pm - In order to convince myself that I can do more with an evening than feed my OCD-based need to play this game, I have decided to draw for twenty minutes every time I reach a save point. I then decide that if the save points seem too close together, I only need to draw during one of them. I polish off two worlds before finishing the picture.

Wednesday, Apr. 26th 9:12pm - This is amazing. New worlds and new abilities! Pirates of the Caribbean! Lion King! I feel like a little kid with my own personal Disneyland at home! The game just gets better and better!

Wednesday, May 3rd - Nate is unable to finish this review. Because he was forced to return the game before completion, he has suffered what appears to be a mental and nervous breakdown. After a brief interlude with the law following a series of "break-ins" ("I'm opening the doors to connect all the worlds!" Nate was quoted as saying at the scene), he was incarcerated for stealing unfinished keys from a local Fred Meyer. Apparently, he also had duct-taped stuffed animals of Goofy and Donald to himself for the crime. He was last seen on the I-405 off-ramp to Bellevue, begging for "Munny." Heaven help him.