Film Review: The Heartbreak Kid

by Nate Taylor

With their most recent backhand, the Farrelly brothers have successfully created a mirror image of There's Something About Mary, though perhaps they should have named it There's Nothing About Eddie. Wrapped neatly in an hour and 56 minutes, this comedy has everything you would expect from the men who paved the way for the cream-filled doughnut scene in Van Wilder, plus a good deal more thrusting at the edge of the colloquial envelope.

Normally, I don't mind movies detailing the life of a born loser or who can't catch a break with a helicopter and a rocket-propelled net, and The Heartbreak Kid does this wonderfully as the title may suggest. However, it makes the mistake of making you sympathize with the main character just in time to wach him steer into the path of an oncoming oil tanker. I'm speaking metaphorically, of course, which is too bad because what movie can't be improved with gigantic explosions? Seriously, though, the last half-hour of the film was like watching train wreck. No, it was more like watching a Fox TV special where they recap train wrecks and keep showing the worst parts over and over in slow motion. You want to look away, but that smarmy guy in the black vest and bow-tie already has your $9 and you know you have to write a review later, so you keep staring at the screen, trying not to image "Ode to Joy" playing in the background.

Bad stuff out of the way, the movie had a lot of great laughs and plenty of shots of Michelle Monaghan which is really all I need to see a movie anyway.

However, that is the extent of the good stuff. My advice is to wait until video. Cheap video.

And here are my answers:
Repeat viewings? It would have to involve restraints.
Bring a date? Only if you enjoy being uncomfortable. Then again, maybe he or she likes watching other people in pain, and this would be a great way to bring that to the surface so you don't find out on the wedding night.