Film Review: Ice Age 2: Meltdown

by Nate Taylor

This flick gets four crowns because it is an unexpected joy of a movie. I've seen the first Ice Age, and while it was quirky and funny at times, I think number 2 surpasses the original.
First of all, it's not the animation that makes it better. Meltdown is basically on par, technically, with the first one, and there are plenty of hilarious jokes and quips throughout. Where Ice Age 2 really shines is it's story. Multiple levels. Are you reading me on FM? Multiple. For a cartoon, I was taken aback. There's the main plot device that's used to get characters moving, but I'm happy that it doesn't stop there. No one wants to see a movie where the main characters are being pursued by a natural element. Can you say Day After Tomorrow? So, a more tangible threat is created to put the characters in some real danger. On top of that, we get individual sub-plots for each of the main characters that both fleshes them out and adds another dimension to the film experience.

Still not convinced? Well stop, collaborate and listen, Skrat is back with an all new edition. In brief interludes of frustration and pain, he continues his hunt for that most precious of treasures: the acorn. It's like the Looney Tunes of old.

If you see it, I think you'll love it too.

So here are my answers:
Repeat viewings? Oh, it's a DVD buy, definitely.
Bring a date? You bet. Especially if your companion likes Wile E. Coyote cartoons.