Film Review: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

by Nate Taylor

The Rumsfeld says:
"Let me show ya how funny it was!"
It's a buddy comedy from the man who reinvented the genre. From the man who brought you Lethal Weapons 1-4, Long Kiss Goodnight, and The Last Boy Scout comes my new favorite buddy-buddy hateyou/loveyou escapade.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a petty thief-turned-accidental actor, and Val Kilmer plays the most reknowned gay private investigator in Hollywood. The first thing that will strike you about this movie is the introduction. It's priceless and worth the money for admission alone. The second thing that will strike you is the brilliant use of voice-over narration. Downey could probably support himself on narration bits for the rest of his life after this. The third thing that will strike you is how Robert Downey Jr. looks just as good as the day he went into rehab. Seriously. He spends most of the film looking like a walking mugshot.

Aside from that, I haven't laughed so hard and been blown away by a movie for what feels like ages. In an (I'm going to go ahead and use the word) era of recycled Hollywood crap, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang makes a bold stab at doing something worthwhile that was not based on a TV show from the last thirty years. So huzzah for new movies! This one is a vicious and gleeful romp that doesn't last nearly long enough.

P.S. It's rated "R" for good reason, folks. Don't take your kids.

So here are my answers:
Repeat viewings? I laughed long and hard. I'll see it again.
Bring a date? Violence, nudity, and language are not a trifecta of romance in my opinion.