Film Review: Superman Returns

by Nate Taylor

I grew up on the Superman movies. I had Superman PJs, underoos, and even a home-made Superman costume which I once attempted to wear to church underneath my corderoy suit when I was seven. Let me tell ya, stuffing a long cape down the back of your trousers creates a suspicious bulge which will make a parent extremely worried. But I digress. The point is I'm a fan, just so you know.

Watching this movie was like being a little kid again. I giggled with childish glee no less than three times during the movie, and left with perma-grin all over my fanface. Brandon Routh makes an excellent debut as the Man of Steel, and even makes a good goofball Clark Kent (though he could have been goofier just to drive the alter-ego home). Kevin Spacey is a brilliant Lex Luthor, a refined blend of mentally unstable and genius with his ever-present boots of diabolism. Kate Bosworth is an appreciable Lois Lane but not exactly a stand-out part. In my opinion, the acting gem of this flick was Tristan Lake Leabu, who plays the son of Lois Lane and fiance Richard White (James Marsden). Some of his scenes are priceless.

I won't bore you with plot details, because it's best if you just go to see the movie with the expectation of seeing Old Blue in action again. There are ups, downs, and plenty of crime-stopping superpower filmed with an artist's eye by director Bryan Singer. As a final note, while the score for this film is orchestrated by John Ottman (X-Men 2, Fantastic Four), the theme by John Williams remains beautifully intact. This movie is a must see.

So don't just sit there.

And here are my answers:
Repeat viewings? Financial circumstances prohibit a repeat theater experience, but the DVD will be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine.
Bring a date? What girl wouldn't like ogling a muscular spandex-clad man for two hours?