DVD Review: The Man With the Screaming Brain

by Pat Johnson

You've probably never heard of this movie. No reason you should, it was a Sci-fi channel original, which guarantees Twilight Zone ideas performed on a Doctor Who's old budget. I had one reason for renting this movie: the writer/director Bruce Campbell. Nuff said. Now comes the hard part. It's one of those movies that reaches for too much and successfully executes little. No surprise right? But for me, the whole experience was like having a conversation with a fledgling artist. They talk about their 'project' that they've been working on for years, and it sounds like nonsense. And the whole time you feel uncomfortable because you don't want to trample on anyone's dreams, but you really don't understand or invest in what they're saying. That's this movie. Bruce Campbell, you are wonderful. The role you wrote for yourself showcases your wacky physical humor as well as your loyalty to camp. But the watcher's experience is as bland as low sodium crackers. The story gains momentum as it goes, but its final destination is still slocksville. For example, this movie has a dummy falling down a set of stairs. No attempt to hide it. An actress falls at the camera, dummy hits head, actress rolls to a stop. It looks like a high school production staring grown ups. Sadly, there isn't much to redeem the final product except the man himself. I feel dirty criticizing it, so will someone please give this man a bigger budget?

4 laughs per hour (out of 11)

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