Game Review: Bully

by Pat Johnson

In a nutshell, Bully is a PG GTA with heart. All that pre-release buzz of it being banned in England really doesn't feel true after a few hours of playing. Sure, parents may raise a few eyebrows when they see your character involved in some heavy snogging (thanks HP) or the occasional bare-knuckle fight, but nothing near the brutality of GTA. Plus, this game actually encourages some legitimate values: friendship should be prized, you have to work for your money, don't mess with people in authority, and going to class teaches you useful things. Heck, parents should be requiring their kids to play this game. Okay, maybe not. But as a gamer, this one is gem. Graphics, gameplay, characters and story are all dead on. If you are a fan of free roaming games, there's very little not to like here.

Favorite moment: Because most of the game takes place on the Bullworth Academy grounds, you get very familiar with the features of the school. Around holidays (specifically Halloween and Christmas) the buildings get decorated for the occasion, immersing the player in this world even more. How strange that playing a video game would get me revved up for the holidays?

10 wedgies, pranks, and pulled fire alarms (out of 11)