Game Review: Burnout: Paradise

by Pat Johnson

I tend to look forward to new Burnout games the way other people look forward to the start of a new football season. The games are always fun, and the no-blinking-allowed driving events are some of the most addictive and satisfying of any racing game. Plus, the focus on crashing other cars and causing destruction elicits a kind of white knuckle joy that few games do. In this PS3 installment, the menu of events has been replaced by a huge free-roaming city with events at every stoplight. The game play hasn't changed too much from before, but the world is seamless (no load times) and very pretty. The graphical updates (for crashes and cars) and the depth of activities (75 cars, 400 shortcuts, 120 billboards) give it high level of replay and great 'impress the neighbors' points. It's the kind of game every PS3 owner should have.