Game Review: Lair

by Pat Johnson

Just plain disappointing. My problems with this game are twofold. Firstfold, it plays as badly as 'firstfold' sounds. It's frustrating rather than fun. Note to designers: when riding a dragon that is doing battle with other dragons in several miles of open terrain, I need a damn targeting system! Without one, I spent nearly all of my time playing this game (I lasted almost 2 hours) trying to hit distant targets with a short range weapon. It's kind of like going to war with a potato gun: fun to shoot, but ultimately worthless. Secondfold, the six axis controller is overused. All steering is done by moving your controller around and it makes playing feel like an afternoon spent balancing stacks of dishes. I can't call any game 'worthless' that has good graphics and a potentially cool concept, but the execution makes this game a definitive 'don't bother.'

4/11(out of 11)