Game Review: Loco Roco (PSP)

by Pat Johnson

I remember when video games were simple pleasures. Long before first person shooters (FPS), real time strategy (RTS), and massive on-line role playing games (MORPG), there were games like Asteroids, Pac Man and Centipede with simple graphics, basic controls, and acronym-less descriptions. Those of us from the Arcade generation look back at these games with nostalgic eyes. Are they great compared to modern games? Not really. But those old games were fun. And that's how is the one word that describes Loco Roco: fun. This game is guaranteed to make you smile. You play the planet and you rotate and shake to make a Loco Roco (a ball made up of little Loco Roco) save Mui Mui and defeat black squidy things. Okay, how does a premise like this lead to a guaranteed smile? Because the game is so simple (simple graphics, simple controls) all the creative energy is focused on music and gameplay. You hop around, finding secret areas and growing larger. Sometimes you come across a cloud or sun that is unhappy. So, you split into smaller pieces and sing a song to make them happy. And, hearing your Loco Roco sing will make you happy too. Guaranteed. If you have a PSP or know someone who has one and needs a smile, buy them this. It is a great example of a game that doesn't try to dazzle you with combo attacks and sophisticated AI, its just fun. And what kind of gamer doesn't like fun?

11 cases of ear worm involving Japanese kids singing (out of 11)