Game Review: Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3)

by Pat Johnson

To convey the level of quality this game achieves , I really only need to give you one example: After I finished playing it for 3 days straight, the game asked "would you like to start again on hard mode?" I said yes and now I've played the game for 5 days straight. Nasty gamer labels like 'addicted' and 'obsessed' are clearly less important to me than collecting all 32 gold bolts, 13 holo plans and every weapon and gadget. While this example speaks for itself, I do feel compelled to explain why I've lost sleep over a game I've already won. The reason is simple: constant rewards. Bolts (the game's currency) are constantly chu-chinging and your weapons level up through use, so even if you're dying all the time, you're still making happy progress. The game is throws engaging and challenging tasks at you and makes the best use of the six axis controller that we're likely to see until the next sequel comes out. It lives up the gamer grail of being so much fun; you never want to stop playing.