Game Review: Resident Evil 4

by Pat Johnson

So, I'm halfway through this game for the second time when I suddenly realized I haven't done enough to share this amazing game experience with others. So, if you're reading this, uh, you're being shared with. Ahem.

To basics, if you've played a previous installment of the game you remember the fixed camera perspective and the occasional irritating death where you were stuck off camera, dying. For this new game, the camera is right over your shoulder, making you feel cramped but free to explore. So, fixed perspective: GONE.

You will also know that Resident Evil games are always about zombies. But, in this installment, you're facing humans with parasites. The more mature the parasite, the tougher the bad guy. So, zombies: GONE.

So with the good and bad stripped away, what's left? Just a massively enjoyable, completely satisfying, occasionally terrifying, action adventure horror splatter fest! The graphics, pacing, and music create a terrific environment for nervous tension. The enemies provide a good balance between amusingly stupid (like when you wait at the top of a ladder, firing single gleeful bullets into a near-endless procession of willing recipients) and consistently challenging (like the armored beasties with giant Wolverine claws that follow sound rather than sight). Heck, even the story is better than it ever has been.

In fact, I don't see much value comparing this game to previous versions. In all important ways, this is a completely new game with a similar feel (and similar items). It's by far the best R.E. yet and given that it won game of the year this year, it should be a no-brainer purchase for any serious game player.

11 prayers for sequels of this quality (out of 11)