Game Review: The Warriors

by Pat Johnson

Now, if you've seen the late 70's movie, called "The Warriors" about a gang from Coney Island who gets framed for murder and has to flee New York before the police or another gang catches them, then you know the type of cult movie material we're talking about here. And it really is the movie. Not inspired by or based on. The game is the movie, right down to the great voice actors they brought on and bad 70's music playing in the background. The strange thing is, you take a cult 70's movie, give it to Rockstar games (who brought us the gleefully fun and politically radioactive Grand Theft Auto games) and you get a classic beat-em-up, break and throw stuff, brawl til your life meter runs out type game.

And it's a lot of fun.

There are some drawbacks. The camera can be a dangerous foe at times, especially in levels where you're jumping between buildings. Also, the game shares the movie's anti-climatic ending. And the load times can be frustrating. However, these con's do not take away the joy of playing. I rented this game last week and I've played it every day since renting. That's about the nicest thing I can say about any game is that I look forward to playing it when I get home. The game is full of little extra tasks that unlock cool secrets. Sometimes you can spend 40 hours collecting every secret coin and be rewarded with a useless bonus, like being able to play through the game with a green hat instead of a red one. But not in this game. There is a feature called Rumble mode that has a series of task specific games you can play. Kind of like mini games, but with a few more options. In Rumble mode you can create your own gang out of the characters you've unlocked and then compete in against any gang you've fought in the game. You can fight one-on-one, five-on-five, nine-on-nine or, if fighting isn't your thing, you can try to paint more gang tags than an opponent or play king of the hill on top of a junk pile. You can even race wheelchairs.

However, my favorite is Battle Royal, where it's nine-on-nine on top of a building and the goal is to give all your opponents cement poisoning. You even get slow motion when you chuck your foe off the roof. It's one of the most satisfying mini games of all time. Just like the game and the movie, everything about the Warriors is better than you would expect.

Turns out, It takes 35 years to make a good movie tie-in game.

God bless you Rockstar.