Film Review: Beowulf

by Pat Johnson

"I am Beowulf!" Get used to hearing that, because when people either really liked or really hated this movie, it's what they'll use to reference it. It aims for action epic with a historic supernatural twist, how close it got to its mark depends on several elements such as: do you mind the characters occasionally looking like wax puppets? Does it bother you when movies have shallow/historic portrayals of women? Is it weird to watch a movie intended for 3-D in normal-personvision? If you answered 'no' to all of those questions, then chances are you'll dig this movie. It's got big action, some impressive visuals, and a solid story. Plus, kudos to any movie that can transform this actor, into this character. For your holiday afternoon disposable dollar, it deserves a watch. If your crapdar goes off when you see the ads, revisit the questions above.