Film Review: Cars

by Pat Johnson

If you are like me, then you are waiting for Pixar to fail. Finding Nemo, the Incredibles, Toy Story: they all rock. Even a Bug's Life was quality entertainment, even if it didn't measure up to the Pixar Classics. Sadly, the same fate awaits Cars. It's awesome, pretty, and touching. But its formula doesn't sparkle this time. As Pat Rothfuss would say, it lacks 'luster.' It will still be the biggest grossing film of the summer and it will make everyone involved in the project stupidly rich. But as a film, it isn't Pixar's best.

A long review insults us both. It's a Pixar movie; you know what you're getting. So, let's reduce this to bullet points and save ourselves some time.

Oh boy, it's pretty.
A world populated by cars affords many great creative touches.
It will make you laugh and smile a lot.
As an essay about America, our love of cars, and the history of Route 66, it succeeds.

Story has a 'been there, done that' feeling.
Not all the characters are memorable or interesting.
You'll walk out of the theater seeing "car faces" on every vehicle in the lot.

And that's that. We'll all see it this summer and we'll all enjoy it. All that's left is:

10 cheers for Pixar (out of a possible 11)