Film Review: Children of Men

by Pat Johnson

Congratulations Children of Men! Welcome to the proud history of great films snubbed by the Oscars. I don't know if you received this honor because of your bleak outlook on the future or your scattershot approach to character and plot, but who cares! Kingsheep loves you.

This film really lit my hair on fire. Everything from the extended camera shots to the impressive background detail, all worked together to create a believable portrayal of the end of humanity. It may be too violent and depressing for some, but I'm willing to grant a film a lot of latitude when it's trying to tell the story of the last humans alive. We see our protagonist and his doomed perspective on life get given one glimpse of hope. These types of stories shouldn't be easy to watch. Children of Men is visceral, heart wrenching, scary, thought-provoking, stunning and (flipping through a thesaurus) sad. It's not for everyone, but it is the kind of movie that makes you think.

10 heavy thoughts about the end of the world [bummer] (out of 11)