Film Review: The Departed

by Pat Johnson

Chances are you don't need a reason to see this movie. Take your pick: Great reviews, top notch cast, a director in his element - its got it all. So, how good is it? Did they assemble the Oscar hobby kit of success? Yep, sure did.

It really impressed me. It will shock you with its gritty look at corruption and crime. The actors will make you laugh and cringe at all the right times. And by the end you'll want to talk about with people who've seen it. So go, see it. Talk about it with your friends. And after you're done, see if you how you do on this little true - false test.

1. True or False: Mark Walberg is stand out performance of this movie.
2. True or False: Scorsese has a problem portraying strong women.
3. True or False: The rat on the balcony is almost unforgivable.
4. True or False: This movie will win heaps of Oscars.

11 cliches and predictable plots avoided! (out of 11)