Film Review: District B13

by Pat Johnson

View the trailer.
Crazy. French. Kung-fu. Action.

If you've grown tired of American action movies and prefer an international flavor for your ass-kicking, look no further. This one is an import that you may have seen clips of on-line (like this one). But that clip is only the beginning. It's just crazy enough to hold together and fast enough that you really can't look away. The story is a little nuts (rogue nuke in future Paris), but the action and pacing are dead on.

The only criticism is that the best part of the movie was the link I just put up there. There aren't any other feats as impressive as that one. However, it's a good time action movie with all the "Ouch!" and "Geez!" moments you can ask for. The French are giving America a run for its money in terms of kinetic action. Ride the wave with me, my friends.

9 "Did he really just do that?" moments (out of 11)