Film Review: Enchanted

by Pat Johnson

You know what makes this movie exceptional? (And I'll get into why it's exceptional very soon) Conviction. The idea of a Prince and Princess being transported from an animated Disney-land to New York seems like a concept that could be easily fumbled. Yet, it's completely saved by a smart script and terrific performances. It would be so easy for this movie to get caught up in self-referenciality (it is Disney mocking Disney after all) but the actors save it from simple jokes and kid-friendly dullness by being totally convincing as living animated characters. Amy Adams and James Marsden both deserve the Hollywood equivalent of an employee of the month/Rookie of the Year type honor (I think they call them Academy or Golden somethings). And even when the movie goes over the top and has a giant singing and dancing number in Central Park, I was still laughing and smiling right along with the rest of the audience. There are a few areas where I started to fear that Disney syrupy sweetness would ruin the taste, but the movie never stopped being entertaining. Normally, I approach Disney with cautiousness reserved for desert mirages and siren's songs, but this one made a believer out of me, put a smile on my face and whisked me on my merry way. When was the last time a Disney movie delivered that experience?