Film Review: Grindhouse

by Pat Johnson

How many 3-hour non-art house movies can you name? (pause) Well, for those of you who couldn't recall Titanic fast enough, now you have a new answer. This film is a complex beast, mixing horror, exploitation, and comedy with 1970's traditions and modern production value. Critics are already in the habit of describing it as an experience rather than a movie and the reason for that is clear after you walk out of the theater. The fake previews, the deliberately scratched film print and geek cinema love that saturates everything leave you exhausted and exhilarated by the end. For me, I can't recall a movie that made me laugh, cringe and grin over and over for three hours straight. And like all great movies, its biggest strength is its biggest weakness. The horror will go too far for some people, as will the running time. Grindhouse will not break box office records but it may very well launch a new film movement and influence a generation of filmmakers.

This flick is truly something special. It isn't for everyone, but for people willing to stomach over-the-top gore, comically cliché characters/scenes and genuine thrills, this movie will not disappoint you.

10 bucks says it will be the most memorable film you see this year (out of 11)