Film Review: Miami Vice

by Pat Johnson

This movie has a little something for everyone. If you enjoyed Heat for its gritty crime quality, this is the diet version. If you like Jamie Foxx and Colin Ferrell because they are good looking, you get half of that action. Foxx grimaces and takes his shirt off like a proper action hero, but Ferrell's facial hair looks like a furry chocolate milk mustache. If you liked the old Miami Vice TV show because it used 10 million kilowatts of neon in every frame, you're out of luck. But fear not, there's plenty of sex. And for those of you who use love and lust as synonyms, there's even a romantic subplot.

Here's the lowdown. The story doesn't matter, and for that reason the second act drags. Half the dialogue is mumbled and the other half is techno crime filler meant to make our heroes look smart. The action is intense, and it avoids the action/thriller pitfall of making guns look sexy. Plus, it does have a solid filmmaking style that is usually fun to watch. You don't get much for your money, but I didn't feel ripped off after popping in to see a matinee.

6 bucks will buy you a razor for that mouth weasel (out of 11)