Film Review: Mission: Impossible 3

by Pat Johnson

Three times the action. Three times the drama. Three i's in the title. Okay, it's a summer movie. And with that label comes certain assumptions about character development, suspension of disbelief, and heroic archetypes. In some ways, MI3 is what you would expect. You get some big explosions. You get a somewhat trite love story. And you get the requisite oh's and ah's of a big Hollywood action movie. But.

But but but. Three times the but's. You get an intelligence that is extremely rare for a summer movie. Believe it or not, this film has a brain. largely due to JJ Abrams' writing and direction. It impressed me. A Tom Cruise, franchise-based, Hollywood overpackaged/underproduced summer popcorn flick actually impressed me. It was good. It was unexpectedly well done. It actually made me forget all the crap surrounding Tom's religion.

Let me put it this way. You know how some sequels are so bad they make the original worse? (I'm thinking of Saw 2 here). Well, this one does the opposite. It makes the other two Mission: Impossible's better. And for that reason alone, you should head out to the cinemas and enjoy the first good action movie of the summer.

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