Film Review: Nothing

by Pat Johnson

This film was one of the most creative and unique films I've ever seen. I only knew two things going in: 1) it was about two friends lost in a white landscape of nothingness 2) it was from the director of Cube. In the simplest terms, it is the story of two friends who end up stranded in the middle of nothing. Literally nothing. And have to find a way to live with one another without a world to get in the way. The story is not big on explanation, which works very much in its favor. Since the film has several unexplained mysteries at its core, the audience is swept along with the two characters in all their paranoia. The film has a definite "trapped on an island" feel, with a darkly humorous edge. The two characters are not always lovable and that could turn some people off. However, their relationship and this experience are what drives the movie forward. I don't want to offer much more information than this about the film. It surprised me in nearly every way. I loved the concept and the direction. The characters had to carry the movie solely on their backs, and I was engrossed watching their struggles. While the pace of the movie is a concern at times, I was hooked from the beginning. And it ends well. "Nothing" does what only the best fantasy accomplishes; it takes you someplace completely alien and then reminds you that all stories are about people. Take a chance with this one.

10 _______ (out of 11)