Film Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

by Pat Johnson

Looking at the first weekend gross for DMC we see that it has already broken every summer opening weekend record to date. It's up $132 million after three days, which is enough to guarantee a little more pirate flavor in the popular culture smorgasbord this summer. So the question becomes, does it deserve its success? Simply put: yep - if for nothing else but sheer goofy fun.

Director Gore Verbinski cranks out a sequel filled with barnacle and tentacle people, impossible action scenes, and pointy weapon duels. If you enjoyed the first POTC, then go into this one expecting more of everything, for better and worse: more modernized pirate lore, more buckled swashing, and more Depp (playing the character that will become the role model for all pirate pieces to come). But more works against the movie as well: more suspended disbelief, more unexplained plot elements, and more Orlando Bloom. Ew, gross.

So far, it is the front-runner for best popcorn-munching adventure and guiltiest pleasure of the summer. It's a bit of a mess, but its good fun. Plus you'll be getting the third chapter next summer so if you want to keep up: head out to the cinema - buy some corn - adjust your swamp butt underwear- and turn off your brain for two and half hours.

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NOTE: There is a brief scene (30 seconds) at the end of the credits if you're feeling curious and lethargic