Film Review: WALL-E

by Pat Johnson

Dear Pixar,

You continue to amaze me. Each year I see the trailer for your next movie and I go through the same ritual. I prepare myself for suckage. I don't know why, but I watch the trailer and think about all the things you could do wrong. This year I worried that Wall-E wouldn't be a compelling character (he doesn't talk) and that you'd have a weak story (the preview didn't go beyond the robot-stranded-on-earth-concept). However, both fears were unfounded as Wall-E is the best robot protagonist ever put on film and the grand story is unspoiled by an overly-detailed preview. You've done it again. And what's more, you've done it better. While the story is still wholesome and touching, you've tackled your most adult subject matter to date (consumerism, corporate power, environmentalism) and you've inspired a generation of kids to dream about robots and the stars. Bravo. I hope that my days of unfounded doubts are nearing an end, but if they aren't it's nice to know the odds aren't in pessimism's favor.


Patrick Johnson

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