Today at work I was overworked but generally productive. Then, I went out to lunch. Big mistake. We had gyros from Mikeys. For those of you who’ve ever had Mikeys, then you know the proper way to eat them. Because every gyro is filled with so much yummy meat and veges, it always spills out of the pita. So, what you do is order a grilled pita with feta cheese and split your meat and veges between the two pitas. Wham-o, double gyro! Two times the food, two times the yummy. The only downside brings us back to that big mistake. Suddenly, returning to work I’m lethargic, tired and praying that my clock breaks and speeds up time so I can go home and nap. What we need is a food source akin to what was served in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil – green loaf of jello. I’m not wishing for this distopian meal for its taste or presentation, but solely on the grounds of nutrition and portability. While the gyro was yummy, I’m suddenly unable to work and have instead opted to blog. Happy trails.