“The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle” is selling like hot cakes, and so far I’ve only encountered one negative review.  It’s a great one, too, right on Amazon.com.  It’s so negative, in fact, that it almost seems like someone threw it in there just to be contrary, which is cool by me.  I don’t need my artwork to be a universal touchstone for all mankind.  I’m usually happy if my friends like it.

The fact that there are so many good reviews is awesome, and I’m unspeakably happy that as many people are enjoying it.

I finally went to see Toy Story 3 last weekend.  Good stuff, what with the animation, toy jokes, and deeply heart-felt sentiment.  I could definitely feel Pixar pushing for that “Best Picture” Oscar.  While we were there, one of my friends said that she wasn’t looking forward to any films coming out soon.  To this I scoffed pfah! If anyone else is having a similar condition, allow me to enlighten you.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – August 13 – sure it’s Michael Sera playing Michael Sera, but if playing the same person works for Tom Cruise, it can work for anyone.

Easy A – September 17 – a “Scarlet Letter”-inspired, satire-ridden story about sexuality in an American high school, starring Emma Stone from “Superbad.”

Red – October 15 – action/comedy following in the wake of the Losers/A-Team/Expendables, this one’s got four great actors playing four great ex-CIA operatives trying to stay alive.

Due Date – November 5 – a road trip movie from the director of The Hangover, it’s a comedy about trying to get home in time.  Time-tested formula, plus funny actors = funny movie.  Simple!

Tron Legacy – December 17 – yup.

Now you have something to look forward to every month from here to Christmas.

Note:  I didn’t forget about Harry Potter (Part 1).  I just figure everyone’s looking forward to that.

And now, it’s with great sadness that I tell you that Indian food and I have broken up.  It was a tumultuous relationship from the start, and my dinner before Toy Story 3 sealed it.  The first time I had Indian food (at the behest of Pat), I had to wait an hour and a half for the food.  Worse was that I brought a friend with me and he wouldn’t stop complaining about the lateness.  It’s bad when someone invites you to dinner and things don’t go well, but when you bring a guest who complains about it, well… it makes you wish you were elsewhere.

The second time I had Indian food, I had to wait two hours for the dinner because the restaurant was apparently out of rice.  The third time was a buffet that was okay but slightly dubious.  The fourth and final time turned out to be the most expensive meal my toilet ever ate.  All of these stories are extremely unfortunate because Indian food is fantastic.

Alas, we need to call it quits.  Indian food, it’s not you.  It’s me.