When I was hip-deep in my English major lifestyle, a trusted teacher once told me that an effective title can help save a bad thesis statement. The notion is that if you are struggling to sum up your paper’s goal/main point into one sentence (the thesis), you should work on having a catchy or detailed title to help share the argumentative load. The reason I bring up this example is because producers have just unveiled the title of the next Daniel Craig James Bond movie and, after reading it, I’m confused. I’ll let you read it for yourself. Here are the titles of the last five James Bond movies.

Tomorrow Never Dies
The World Is Not Enough
Die Another Day
Casino Royale

and now, Quantum of Solace

Okay, so ‘Quantum’ meaning an amount and ‘Solace’ being comfort from sadness, so the title is The Amount of Comfort or Dr. Wussypants: or How James Bond’s new title makes him sound like a whiner. Perhaps my knee-jerk-to-the-groin response is too harsh. Maybe the title will look great on a poster. I have to admit that one of the strengths of Casino Royale’s relaunch of Bond was making him human (with faults and feelings) rather than a cold war terminator with two settings (hump and kill). So perhaps a movie based on Bond’s depression following the events of the previous installment, will add more layers to Bond’s previously-shallow narrative. But.

It’s still a little weird. Thoughts?